Introducing the Frozen Wrap (fwrap®).
Eco-friendly Smart ice technology, using just paper, water and a bit of  science

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Green Chilly has developed a range of 100% eco-friendly solutions that cool products down within minutes and keep them chilled for hours. 

The Frozen Wrap (fwrap®) can be used for multiple applications

Wine & beverage cooling
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  • Simply store frozen and slip the fwrap and drink into the holder when required.

  • Cools drinks down in minutes and keeps them cool for hours

  • Can be used for any type of bottle or can

  • It is 100% compostable, energy-efficient and uses far less water than an ice bucket

  • Cheaper, and more effective than the competition and offers a totally new area for advertising and marketing


Drinks can be quickly cooled down or just kept cool for hours. Simply insert a Fwrap and bottle into a sleeve.

Vaccine packaging & shipping
  • More effective than current packaging methods. Will keep vaccines at below 8°C for hours outside of a refrigerator

  • Made from just recycled paper and water, it is both compostable and recyclable

  • Can be tailored to fit specific sizes and shapes, therefore reduces shipping time and costs

  • Lightweight and low cost to produce


Fwrap technology can be used to keep vaccines cool throughout every part of the delivery process, from international shipping through to local delivery

A simple, ecologically friendly, wrap around cooling solution

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The Green Chilly Company


The founders of Green Chilly have a passion for innovation and product development. We launched Green Chilly to be:

  • Green as our products are good for the planet

  • Chilly as our products keep temperatures cool


We design, develop, and deliver products that offer exceptional performance whilst also striving to ensure that they are as ecologically friendly as possible.

The bigger we grow the greener we get...


Our first product, the
Fwrap pack uses patented technology that can be used for multiple cooling solutions.

It is 100% eco and as effective as an ice bucket for keeping things cool and cooling things down.



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